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The Rainbow Room warmly welcomes our new group of six children from P1 this term. It is always sad to say 'Goodbye' to one group, but exciting to say 'Hello' to another!


We have had fun getting to know each other and the routines in the Rainbow Room. Every day 2 children are chosen to set the breakfast table so that we can all eat and socialise together. This is a very important part of our day. The other 4 children then wash and dry the dishes ready for the next day.


Another fun routine for the children is to brush their teeth every day after they have eaten. Mrs Kennedy uses a giant toothbrush and set of false teeth to model the correct way of brushing our teeth to keep them sparkling clean!


We also love cooking in the Rainbow Room. It is so handy to have our very own kitchen to prepare lovely food to eat. We have already made our own pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. They were yummy!


Play is another important part of our daily routine.  Play is important to healthy brain development and gives opportunities for the children to  engage and interact with each other in a safe and secure environment. 

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