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Welcome to P1

Miss McCorkell is our class teacher.
Miss O'Malley
 is our classroom assistant.



Our topic this term is ‘materials’ and we have been exploring the properties of different materials including, wool, wood, paper, glass, plastic and metal. We have been finding out where the materials come from, how they are made and what we use them for. We couldn’t believe that one of the materials used to make glass is sand! We have been participating in science experiments by predicting and testing which materials will float and which will sink. We have also been sorting objects into natural and man-made materials and have been on material hunts around our school using the iPads to photograph our findings and then making Pic collages to evidence our learning.


We have been very busy during Literacy time and we have learned all of our jolly phonics sounds! We have started using our phonic knowledge to read across words and write sentences. We know that sentences begin with a capital letter, need finger spaces between words and always end with a full stop (not a big circle…just a little dot). We are learning lots of new words everyday in P1 and we love reading our books. We have even started using the Bugclub reading scheme online to access our reading books at home.


In Numeracy we have been learning how to count, write and recognise numbers 1-10 and soon we will be starting addition. We do lots of practical maths in P1 and using a range of resources we have been finding lots of different ways to make a given number. We have been learning lots about length and weight and have been using pan balances to test which objects are heavy/light or balanced. We love using our number fans to practise numbers ‘before/after’ and ‘more/less’ and we play lots of fun numeracy games on the iPads.


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