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School is Cool


This term our topic is ‘School is Cool’. We have been learning about our own school community in Kilcooley and we have been interviewing the adults who help us in school. We have lots of ‘wonderings’ and questions about other schools around the world and schools in the past.


‘I wonder what school was like when granny was at school.’ The grandparents are invited into school to teach the children some playground games they played at school. We are very excited to have our grandparents come to talk to us.


The children have enjoyed adopting the roles of teacher, children and classroom assistant in the school role play area!





We continue to write our weekend news every Monday and the children are fantastic at using phonic knowledge to segment words to write independently! The children are enjoying reading in class and use their reading strategies well. We have been reading a range of texts, including fiction and non-fiction. Linked to our topic we have been writing questions for our interviews with the adults who help us in school. We will be writing recounts of our day at school and describing the school.





In Numeracy we are learning about measuring length, height and distance. We enjoy using a ruler to measure smaller objects and a meter ruler to measure how far we can jump and throw a beanbag.

Also, if you wish to support your children at home in maths, encourage them to practise counting in steps of one, two, five and ten, recalling pairs of numbers that add up to 10 and, if appropriate, 20 and 100, and undertaking practical tasks such as board games where the children must count on and back, creating art work using different shapes, weighing ingredients for cooking, paying for items in shops and telling the time.



Our PE days are a Tuesday and the PE kit needs to be in school at all times. Please ensure your child has well-fitting trainers or PE shoes too.



Please support your child with their homework.

  • Spellings will be tested and given out Monday- Wednesday. On a Thursday it is important that your child reviews all spellings that week for a spelling test on Friday

It is suggested that your child reads for a minimum of five times a week for around ten minutes each session- little and often is usually best! Please comment in and sign your child’s reading record every time they read to you.

  • Written homeworks. Please ensure that homework sheets and Literacy Homework books are kept in your child’s reading folders at all times.
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