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Welcome to P4


In literacy we have been busy learning all about different styles of writing. We have linked our writing to our topic and have produced great work! We enjoy writing weekend news and have implemented the use of ICT in this by using book creator. The children have made great progress in guided reading and are enjoying reading a range of fiction and non-fiction books. They are able to write a book review explaining their favourite part of a chosen book and can explain why. We have linked our literacy to our chosen topics and the children have created some excellent written work including wild animal fact files and instructions on how to make a 3d animal model.


In numeracy we have been very busy learning our times tables and enjoy mental maths games to show off our quick recall of these!

We have been working hard on data handling and problem solving and have carried out investigations to find out favourite sport, colour and fruit. We have used the results to create pictograms and bar graphs. We really enjoyed sorting jelly tots and coloured counters as part of our investigations. We have been working hard learning about fractions and have especially enjoyed working in groups to make pizza orders using fractions! 


The children will cover 5 topics during P4. These include Mighty Me, Once Upon A Time, World War 2, Wild Animals and Journeys. We have really enjoyed World War 2 and are very excited about our upcoming school trip to the war museum. We used our iPads to do a lot of research into what it was like to be an evacuee during the war and we really enjoyed listening to real life stories of evacuees. The children worked in groups and had to use their problem solving skills to build a model Anderson Shelter. The results were fantastic-you can see some of the shelters, and other things we have been working on, in the photographs below.


Mrs Bell 😊

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