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Welcome to P4


We have had a very busy and enjoyable couple of weeks settling into our new P4 class!

We have started this term focusing on 'Mighty Me' topic and using this basis for all areas of learning.


In numeracy we have focused on data handling, taking part in whole class surveys on favourite animals, favourite hobbies and our own eye colour. We have used our class results to generate pictograms and display the data received onto frequency tables and tally charts. We have then illustrated this information onto block graphs. We really enjoyed sorting smarties and coloured counters as part of our class investigations.


In literacy we have been learning about the digestive system and the organs that are involved in the journey of food. We have learnt to sequence these in order and explain the functions of each of the organs involved. We have cemented our learning through Explanation writing on the digestive system and developed our word processing skills, typing this up in ICT. We are also learning about our daily routine in the morning, before we go to school and will be writing this up in our recount writing. We have also developed our awareness of who we are... We are all 'unique' and the children have identified their own personal characteristics. In addition we have thought about our hopes and fears for our P4 year.


In our topic work we have been focusing on a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise and eating a balanced diet to help keep us healthy. We have learnt about the Eat well Plate and the importance of eating a varied diet which incorporates all the 5 food groups. We have learnt what these 5 food groups are and the importance of each one for a healthy diet and lifestyle. We understand that a little fat and sugar is necessary for energy, but not too much or too often as this can make us unhealthy and lead to bad habits in later life. We have also been looking at the importance of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. We had lots of fun performing role plays in groups acting out various friendship scenarios.


We are really excited for the year ahead and all the challenges and exiting times that this will bring!


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