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Greenhill Residential


The P6 and P7 pupils enjoyed a fantastic week at Greenhill during April. Some of their favourite activities included bouldering, laser tag, abseiling and zip lining. They were able to build on their resilience, teamwork and independence. 


P6 Topic Work


This term P6 are learning about ‘Flight in Nature’ recognising the characteristics of birds, the names of birds of prey and their physical features. We will research and explain how birds are able to fly, including the four forces of flight: lift, thrust, drag and weight.


Buoyed Up Programme


This programme is organised and funded by the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation. We are the first primary school in Northern Ireland to take part in the programme and are very privileged to do so.


At the heart of the Buoyed Up programme is five consecutive days of sailing which will begin in Monday 4th June. For most of the pupils it will be their first experience of being out on the water. It will encourage a blend of independence, teamwork, risk, responsibility, freedom and skill that only sailing can deliver. Pupils will also benefit hugely from the young sailing instructors, who make the whole week so exhilarating and so much fun.


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