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P6 Topic Work


Mr J. Hall


This term P6 are learning about ‘Flight in Nature’ recognising the characteristics of birds, the names of birds of prey and their physical features. We will research and explain how birds are able to fly, including the four forces of flight: lift, thrust, drag and weight.

We have teamed up with South Eastern Regional College to take part in a Biodiversity programme linked to our topic. Pupils from the college came to us and set up bird feed and a motion camera to capture the range of birds feeding in our garden. P6 pupils carried out a survey over 7 days, identifying the different types of birds.


Buoyed Up Programme


This programme is organised and funded by the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation. We are the first primary school in Northern Ireland to take part in the programme and are very privileged to do so.


In April we visited Blu Marine and World War 1 ship HMS Caroline in Belfast as part of our ‘World of Work’ day.


We had guest speaker Fiona Rush, an officer in the merchant navy, visit our class to deliver a workshop. She was truly inspirational and discussed the qualities she feels is important in reaching your potential in life.


At the heart of the Buoyed Up programme is five consecutive days of sailing which will begin in Monday 5th June. For most of the pupils it will be their first experience of being out on the water. It will encourage a blend of independence, teamwork, risk, responsibility, freedom and skill that only sailing can deliver. Pupils will also benefit hugely from the young sailing instructors, who make the whole week so exhilarating and so much fun.