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P7 hit the Tropics


Mr S. McGarvey


In Primary 7 we have been studying the Rainforest and ecosystem. We have been learning lots of fun facts about the rainforests, especially The Amazon and its importance in the world’s ecosystem.

We have looked at the location of the rainforests around the world on the globe, maps and google earth. We have thought about the temperatures and climate and the importance for the vegetation and animals to thrive. We compared the temperatures there to our temperatures at home and thought about the challenges of living in such a humid climate (though we thought we would all enjoy it!!!)

We also researched the structure of the rainforest and the different species of life that can be found at each layer of the rainforest. We considered the size of the tallest trees and compared to things around us.

We also looked at the life of the tribal people and children of the rainforest. We compared to our lives and the differences between them. Some of us thought it would be fun (for a while) living in the rainforest, but also thought life would be difficult for us to adapt to.

We created lots of art to do with the Rainforest. We made rainmakers and did procedural writing to go along with the art. We designed tribal masks of the rainforest people and also created rainforest flowers art for our class display in the school foyer.

We all really enjoyed this topic and look forward to our next topic of Titanic in class.


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