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Who's Who

Meet the staff at Kilcooley Primary School!

Mrs P Brown is our Principal.

Vice- Principal

Mrs K Maguire is our Vice-Principal. She is also the Literacy co-ordinator and Designated Child Protection teacher.

Nurture Group
Ms A Stewart is our Nurture Group teacher. She is the SENCo, Deputy Designated Child Protection teacher, Roots of Empathy facilitator, pianist, as well as leading the choir and organising PTA events.

Nursery School 
Mrs M Campbell is the Nursery School teacher.

Year 1 
Mrs S Ferguson is our P1 teacher and co-ordinates the Eco-School.

Year 2
Mrs J Lowry is our P2 teacher and co-ordinates Play in the Foundation Stage.

Year 3
Mr J Shillaker is our P3 teacher.

Year 4
Mrs L Bell is our P4 teacher.


Year 5
Mrs V Keenan teaches P5 . She co-ordinates ICT and is also our netball coach.

Year 6
Mr J Hall is our P6 teacher and football coach. He also co-ordinates PE, Erasmus and our Transition Programme.

Year 7
Mr S McGarvey is our P7 teacher. He is our Numeracy co-ordinator and teacher tutor. He is also in charge of school trips, first aid and the film club.

Special Needs Teacher 

Mrs J Stevenson - Literacy

Classroom Assistants (Nurture Group)

Mrs E Kennedy is our Nurture Group assistant.

Classroom Assistants (Nursery)

Mrs L McAnirn is our Nursery Assistant.

Classroom Assistants (School)

Miss S O'Malley is the P1 Classroom Assistant.

Miss H McCullough is the teaching assistant in P2.

Mrs H Phillips is a 1-1 teaching assistant in P4. 

Mrs K Craig is the P3 Classroom Assistant. 

Mrs J Adams is our Learning Support assistant in P5 and P7.

School Secretary 

Mrs N Manning is our school secretary and she works hard to manage the school administration.

School Caretaker


Mr G Beattie is our school caretaker. He is always busy with the upkeep of our lovely school.

There are many others who contribute to our wonderful school team such as the lunchtime supervisors, the cleaning staff and a dedicated Board of Governors.