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P2 have been learning the number bonds to ten this term and P3 have been learning to apply these number bonds to the number bonds up to 20. P2 and 3 have been applying their number bonds to 10&20 to investigate money. They have been practising their problem-solving skills to figure out different ways of making an amount of money.

We have been cooking up a storm in P2/3 this term. We have been making pancakes, Rice Krispie buns, jam sandwiches and dinosaur cookies. We have been using our cooking and baking in the classroom to practise our procedural writing.


We have been learning all about Space this term. We created a space station in our Role Play Area and we were exploring moon rocks. Children enjoyed pretending to explore Mars in the Small World area during PBL as well as designing and building their own rockets for the Role Play Area.

P3 have been exploring bridge-building. They have been completing a lot of engineering challenges using different materials as well as practising their team-work skills.