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Welcome to Nurture! 

The Nurture Group enjoy having a yummy snack together, everyday in the Rainbow Room. There is much chat, sharing of news and Round Robin games that can be played with the whole group as they eat! The opportunity this gives for social learning is a very important part of the nurture curriculum. The children also learn about their emotions and feelings, and are very engaged in all activities, especially during role play with our puppet friends whilst developing their social skills. Literacy and numeracy tasks are completed as part of the nurture routine each day. 
Children in Primary 4 to 7 classes can also avail of the facilities in the Rainbow Room, using the recently refurbed sensory den when required. Pupils from these classes also meet in the nurture room each afternoon in small groups, where issues of concern are discussed and addressed in a reassuring, supportive and empathetic way. 

Karen Maguire - Nurture group teacher. 
Lesley-Ann Richardson - Nurture group classroom assistant.