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Welcome to the Rainbow Room 🌈


The Rainbow Room is a very unique classroom space that is home to small groups of children from the Foundation Stage. Our room is set up very like a home would be. We don't wear shoes in the Rainbow Room and slippers are welcome.


In our room the children have a safe space to learn about their feelings, to build on their comunication skills and to learn resilience skills. The children learn in a way that suits them best. We help to develop the children's self regulation skills, empathy and support thei peer relationships. Our aim is to support children in our school to be happy and confident so that they can achieve their full potential.


In the Rainbow Room this term we have been working on our attention and listening skills. We have been doing experiments and learning to self-regulate through sensory experiences. We have been working a lot on our reading and writing skills.


We love to do lots of trips to places such as the forest, beach, park and library! We love to bake and be creative!


We have been developing our confidence and self-esteem. We have been learning about Growth Mindset and working on resilience. They have been working on being self-reliant and organised. The children have worked hard on expressing their emotions and needs. The children are now transitioning back into their baseclass this term. They have developed their social skills and have made lots of new friends. We are so proud of how far they have all come!


Mrs Lowry and Ms Clarke