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Come join in the fun in LSC1!


Welcome to LSC1. We are a class of 12 children from P1-P4 with Ms Stewart, Mrs Bell, Mrs Phillips and Miss Calvert.

From the new year we have looked at the topics of Polar Lands and Castles and Knights! We learnt about the variety of animals in the North and South Poles and watched a video of a young boy, Matthew, who was part of an explorer team that visited the South Pole with his parents! We imagined what it must be like in the extreme cold with mostly daylight by ‘floating on an iceberg’ (mattress in Sensory Room) and holding ice cubes! Brrrrr. We even made our own strawberry and banana ice cream 🍨  😋 We had to wear warm, wintry clothes like hats, scarves and gloves with our winter coats to keep warm! We did lots of fabulous art work to display in the classroom, corridor and assembly hall.


In our Castles topic we have learnt about where castles were built and why. We learnt about the different parts of the castle and the variety of jobs and people who lived there. We were all king or queen for the day and got to dress up in a special robe and crown. Mr Phillips made us a real castle out of wood and we got to dress up and role play in it. We even got to go outside and build a castle of our own using natural materials as part of our Forest Schools lessons. We have watched videos about Carrickfergus Castle and even joined Mr Tumble on his visit there. Next we will be learning about how to become a knight and what their job was.