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Come join in the fun in LSC1!


Welcome to LSC1. We are a class of 12 children from P1-P4 with Ms Stewart, Mrs Bell and Mrs Phillips.

We have moved classrooms over the summer holidays and are very lucky to have a fully functioning kitchen and separate play room this year!


We also have 9 new pupils joining our 3 existing pupils from last year, after several of the boys and girls moved up into LSC2 in September! What fun we have had so far getting to know each other.


Our first topic of the year is Houses and Homes. We have based it so far on the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs! We have listened to the story, watched a video adaptation and sequenced the story from beginning to end. We have talked about the best materials to build houses, considered styles of houses and the various rooms in them. This week we will be focusing on houses in the past and comparing them to houses today! Did you know that long ago there was no electricity, TV or computer games? 😱 Never mind the no inside bathroom situation!


In numeracy we are revising numbers within 10 and rote counting to 100, as well as singing lots of fun songs. 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree is a firm favourite! 🙈


We have enjoyed playing in the Nursery Garden and Junior Playground on the pirate ship, bikes and trikes! The lights in the sensory room are so calming and PE in the Assembly Hall has us hot and sweaty! Our teachers are very proud of how we listen to instructions and do, while keeping fit and enjoying ourselves learning new games and skills.

Have a look at some of the fun we have enjoyed this month so far 😃