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Come join in the fun in LSC1!


Welcome to LSC1. We are a class of 13 children from P2-P4 with Ms Stewart, Mrs Bell, Mrs Phillips and Miss Stewart. 


Our first topic of the year is Colour. We have learnt about primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours. We have learnt a lot about our feelings through colour and our topic book, “The Colour Monster.” Each morning we register what colour we our feeling and move between colours as our emotions change throughout the day. We know that all feelings are ok, but that sometimes how we react may not be. We have a calm corner, fidget toys, weighted toys/blankets, a tent and access to a Sensory Room to help us feel better and more ready to learn. We have learnt all the colours of the rainbow, created beautiful, colourful art pieces and listened to Noah’s Ark Bible story, where God promised through the rainbow, to never flood the world again.


In numeracy we are revising numbers within 20 and rote counting to 100, as well as singing lots of fun songs. (5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree is still a firm favourite! 🙈) We watch different programmes to help us learn mathematical concepts. Numberblocks, Numberjacks and Number Time are all on our viewing list. We also have a set of iPads for apps such as Bugs and Buttons and Hit the Button.


In literacy we are learning to use our sound knowledge to read and write and enjoying shared reading with Big Books and online books to promote our love of reading. The P4s have been working hard at home with their weekly homework tasks, and next term everyone will be completing reading and spelling tasks at home too 😊✍️


We have enjoyed playing in the Junior Playground on the pirate ship, bikes and trikes! We can’t wait to visit our garden and see Mr Rainey who helps us plant and weed and get our hands on gardening experience. The lights in the sensory room are so calming and PE in the Assembly Hall has us hot and sweaty! Our teachers are very proud of how we listen to instructions and do, while keeping fit and enjoying ourselves learning new games and skills.

Have a look at some of the fun we have enjoyed this term so far 😃