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In P3 we are learning about life cycles. The P3 children are super excited to learn new things in our topic such as how things grow and the different stages.
Our literacy focus is on instruction writing and we are enjoying making new things and then creating the written instructions. We had lots of fun making yummy lemonade and will be making pizza soon.
We are working on fractions and using lots of fun ways to see the halves, quarters and eighths in our everyday life, such as pizzas, cake and even watermelons.
During ABL we have been enjoying some planting, which is linked into our RE story this term of the parable of the sower. We are experimenting to see what would happen with seeds planted in weeds, soil and rocky soil.
During break and lunch time we are enjoying our TOPS programme. P3 really love their bikes and trikes, dressing up and other activities such as musical instruments.


Miss Boyle

Miss McCloud