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Welcome to SCC!


SCC has 8 Primary 1 children. Mrs Rainey is the class teacher. Miss Armstrong and Mr Murray are the classroom assistants.


At the beginning of the year we were learning all about Colour! We looked at colour theory and what happens when we mix primary colours – we made lots of cool colours including green, orange and purple. We love story time and read a range of different books linked to colour, such as ‘Elmer’, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?’ and ‘The Mixed-up Chameleon’. One of the books we enjoyed the most was ‘The Colour Monster’, which helped us to identify different emotions and how they make us feel. We finished our topic with a sponsored Colour Run to help raise money to improve our outdoor area.


Our new topic is Nocturnal Animals. We have been learning about which animals are nocturnal and how they use their enhanced senses to hunt for food. We have looked at bats and how they use echolocation to get around, and we are currently learning about owls with the help of the story ‘Owl Babies’. We absolutely love arts and crafts and have enjoyed making nocturnal animals using a range of materials.


We enjoy a range of other activities, including forest schools, sensory circuits, outdoor walks, gardening, Attention Autism, yoga and baking Fridays!


We hope you enjoy this little snapshot of some of the activities we have enjoyed to date.