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Primary one 


This term in primary one we have been focusing on the topic “All about me” and “Colours.”  We do all our learning through play and we had great fun creating our self-portraits with paper plates, pipe cleaners, buttons and coloured wool for our hair! In Numeracy we’ve been busy sorting for colours, using Numicon for colour and learning to count forwards and backwards to 10 through number song and rhymes! In Literacy we had lots of fun investigating letters and learning our letter names, including our vowels! A big focus for us in p1 is learning to write, but this includes holding your pencil properly, following the lines from left to right and taking part in modelled and shared writing with our teacher! We have had great fun learning through play, it’s a great opportunity to mix with other children in our class and develop our skills in ICT, numeracy, construction, imaginative play and early writing skills!

We have also started gardening this term which has been brilliant fun to meet Mr Rainey and his team! Getting outdoors is a big part of our curriculum and every Friday morning we get outside on our bikes and trikes! Dina is a very special friend in our class and she helps us with our class rules so that everyone is happy and safe in our class! Towards the end of term, we have great fun learning about Autumn and going on an Autumn walk! We even get to carve our pumpkins and play with the insides during messy play!!