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P4 Mrs Ferguson

In our class we have been very busy learning about ourselves in our All About Me topic. We know that we are all individuals with similarities, but that ultimately we are all unique and special in our own ways.

We have been learning about having a healthy and Balanced diet and what activities we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We know the importance of keeping clean, getting exercise, drinking water and getting 12 hours sleep a night.
We have enjoyed learning about the digestive system and what happens to the food we eat. We know the main organs involved in this process, the function they have and can label these in the digestive system. We have also enjoyed learning about our senses. We know these are very important and guide dogs and hearing aids can be used when our hearing or eye sight is impaired. We have looked more closely at the eye and can identify and label key components. We can also explain the function of some of these as-well! 

More recently we have looked at ourselves and stages of development, from a baby until now, a child. We know that the stages of development continue right up until the elderly. We really enjoyed a circle time activity thinking about what we might like to be/ do when we grow up. We loved looking at each other’s baby and toddler pictures and guessing who it could be. Some were definitely easier than others.