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P4 Class​  Mrs Ferguson


In our P4 class we have been very busy learning about ourselves in our ‘Mighty Me’ topic.  We know that we are all individuals with similarities, but that ultimately we are all unique and special in our own ways.

We have discussed in detail our likes and dislikes and have learnt so much more about each other and our friends.  We understand the importance of showing kindness to each other and equally the importance of telling an adult if something is making us feel sad, angry or upset.  We have enjoyed discussing different feelings and how we can support and help each other.

We have been learning about having a healthy and balanced diet and what activities we can do to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We know the importance of keeping clean, getting exercise, drinking water and getting 12 hours sleep a night.

We have enjoyed learning about the digestive system and what happens to the food we eat.  We know the organs involved in this process, the important job they have and we can label these organs within the digestive system.  

In keeping with our topic, we took parts in lots of class surveys through our number work, we discussed our favourite colours, pets, chocolate bars and fruits.

We have enjoyed developing our number and maths skills and using mental maths strategies to help solve number problems.  We have loved playing interactive class games to help with all our maths learning and seeing all the progress we are making.

This year has been our first year we have incorporated ‘High Five’ into our school and within our classes.  Through this concept we focus on 5 key elements: Keep Learning, Connect, Give, Take Notice and Keep Active.  We have loved our monthly sessions and through this, we have learned the importance of these to help contribute towards a happy, healthy, and enriched wellbeing.