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P4 Mrs Ferguson


In our class we have been very busy learning about ourselves in our All About Me topic.  We know that we are all individuals with similarities, but that ultimately we are all unique and special in our own ways.


We enjoyed many circle time activities learning more about each other, our likes and dislikes, favourite foods, foods we don’t like and why.


We have been learning about having a healthy and balanced diet and what activities and lifestyle choices we can choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We know the importance of keeping clean, getting exercise, drinking water and getting 12 hours sleep a night.


We know the benefits of what exercise will do for bodies including the release of a chemical called ‘endorphins’ which makes us feel happy😀. We enjoyed playing a true and false game cementing our learning.


We have enjoyed learning about the Eat well plate, the five food groups and the benefits of each of these groups.  Again we played whole class games to reinforce and help our learning.


We have spent time in our classroom learning and talking about our rights as part of our full school programme,  Rights Respecting Schools.  We have learnt the importance of listening to each other and we know our own rights within our classroom.  We enjoyed brainstorming ideas together and we devised our own class charter of rights we felt to be most important in our classroom. 


We are looking forward to learning about the digestive system, the organs involved and the function of each organ.