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P4 Mrs Ferguson
We have been busy in the P4 classroom, we enjoyed our Once Upon a Time topic and learnt how to write our own narrative stories. We enjoyed being creative and in using our imaginations to write our own story. We enjoyed looking at different story settings and thinking about possible problems that could happen and how these problems could be resolved. We did lots of partner work and created our own stories first using story maps. We enjoyed listening to each other as our stories developed and enjoyed giving feedback on how to make our own stories better.
In our topic work we enjoyed learning about the history of myths, legends and fairytales, we talked about the constellations in the night sky and how these have been interrupted throughout history. We talked about the stars in the sky and learnt what each of our star signs are.
In numeracy we focused on the clock and telling the time. We have learnt how to do written sums in our book with carrying over and exchange. We have been enjoying playing lots of practical number games and developing our rapid recall of times tables. We have learnt how to do multiplication sums in our books with carrying over, and

 we all really enjoyed this challenge. We have become confident in rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.