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Welcome to P2!


With Mrs Lowry, Miss McCullough & Mrs Richardson




This term our topic is about Minibeasts. We have been finding out about different insects

and bugs all over the world and learning about their features; their habitats and why

they are important for the planet.

We are doing lots of experiments and investigations relating to our topic such as "Why

do spiders not stick to their web, but their prey does?"


Play-Based Learning


During PBL we have been visiting our in-house gardener Mr Rainey and harvesting/

eating the vegetables we planted last year! We have also been developing our gross

motor skills on our Bikes and Trikes sessions and through use of the big play equipment,

and further developing our outdoor play by trying to get out to our Foundation Stage

garden as much as possible.

In the creative area we have been learning to draw and paint using real objects as a

stimulus for our art. We have been making Minibeast Pic Collage fact posters on the

iPads as well as practising symmetry using our fun symmetry apps. We have also been

exploring using clay by making Minibeast pencil holders.

This term we have a Minibeast investigation laboratory open in the Role Play Area and

we have been making KNex minibeasts in the Construction Area. And much, much more!




We have been focusing on our number bonds to 10 and beyond and trying to get super

fast with our number facts! We are amazing at our number bonds!! We have also been

working with money and focusing on symmetry this term as we are learning all about


We have also been sorting minibeasts and classifying them using Venn, Carrol and tree

diagrams, according to their various features.




In P2 we are writing, writing, writing! P2 are doing amazingly well with their

independent writing! We have written poems, stories, and reports on minibeasts. We

have been learning to re-read our work and self -evaluate our writing using Seesaw.

Adventure Bear has had a great time visiting lots of homes at the weekend!

We have had some amazing Show and Tells in class already this term; such as Minibeast jokes, poems and facts!

We will be looking at Minibeast story books such as the Max Lucado books as

well as Monkey Puzzle and more Minibeast-related Julia Donaldson books. We are also

reading lots of non-fiction books about insects and bugs.




This term we are focusing on using an app to create a Minibeast fact poster: adding

text, and images as well as deciding on the colours, font and layout of our posters.

We have been playing lots of Numeracy and Literacy games on the apps as well as

completing our fluency checks using the Seesaw recording tool.


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